ID# C-07-109

16 year old • Female

All About Me

Clover is a medium-size all black cat.

Clover is a quiet young lady who mostly keeps to herself, but every so often she gets a little devilish gleam in her eye and decides to chase the other cats in her foster home. They are always suprised because she pounces on them out of the blue. She spends hours looking out the window at the birds and squirrels. She wanted to go outside so badly, that we finally relented and bought her a harness and leash. After a few weeks she learned to walk on her leash outdoors. Now she heads right to the door when we pick up her pink leash. Clover also enjoys using her "Kitty Walk" outdoor enclosure. She spends a couple of hours each day outside (when the weather isn't too cold) and is a very content cat. Clover is low maintenance and gets along with other cats, but she doesn't necessarily need their company.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Clover was found living outdoors with four black kittens last spring and taken to a local shelter. The whole cat family went into foster care. All Clover's kittens were adopted and Clover was happy to start her life as a single cat with no family responsibilities. After many months of living indoors, her yearning to be outdoors again became so strong that it was difficult to keep her indoors. We solved the problem by training her to walk on a leash. She spends a couple of hours a day either walking around the yard on her leash or sitting in the grass in her kitty condo, enjoying the fresh air again.