February is Adopt an Adult Cat Month

Meet the many adult cats living in IAR foster homes. For the entire month of February, adoption fees for these adult cats are half off!

  • $50 per adult cat
  • $75 for a pair of adult cats
  • $25 for a senior (age 7 and older) cat

Applications must be received Feb 1-28, and adoptions finalized by March 15.


Muscadine is an active young cat who enjoys playtime, boxes, and keeping watch over the neighborhood from her favorite window. At night, she settles in alongside her humans or in her cat tower and stays politely quiet until morning. She raised her four kittens and now it's time for her to receive the same loving care that she gave her little ones.

Violet (Deaf!)

Violet is an absolutely wonderful companion. Because of her deafness, t is recommended that she be the only pet in the home. The best home for her would be one where she could be the center of attention, a princess to her human friends.


Click here for more photos of Pippin!

Pippin is super cute and playful! He is great with other cats of all ages and sizes, and has amazing cat manners! He can be a bit shy at first but quickly acclimates to become a lap kitty and is generous with his affection.


Riley is a handsome and surprising cat! He's not always what he seems. He can seem very shy and skittish at first. But once he's had a chance to get comfortable with his surroundings, he is a lovebug and wants lots of affection.


Although my name and physique would suggest that I am a great outdoorsman, I actually prefer lounging around my house on a soft bed. Once I am well-rested, I must admit I enjoy playing my foster sister, Demetria. She is a crazy mess, but I can keep up with her.


Lilly is shy at first, but is learning to enjoy her new foster home. She is a sweet, playful, affectionate girl, who will walk back and forth across your lap while giving some serious thought to laying down on it! She loves to play with her toy mousies and REALLY loves to go after her feather teaser wand! She is fast and determined! Lilly has the sweetest, gentlest little meow, and calls her foster mother to come and play with her in the evening.


Fiona is a very loving and affectionate cat! She’ll talk to you all day in chirps and trills as you scratch and rub her from her head to her tail. She’ll even let you pet her belly, once she gets to know you a little bit.


Bess is a sweetheart! She adores being petted and loved on. Bess also has a playful side. She likes to chase a feather toy or a ball. Bess and her brother Beau were returned to IAR after being adopted five years ago due to changes in their home situation.


Raven is a treasure! She will take her time getting to know a person, but will become your best friend if you let her. She is a quiet, undemanding cat who would enjoy a quiet lifestyle. She would enjoy having a cat friend, but children may be too rambunctious for her.


Arnie began his life outdoors, so he is a bit more sensitive and unsure of things than some cats. However, this doesn't stop him from having fun and finding ways of showing affection in a manner in which he feels comfortable. He loves to run, jump and play with his toys and his cat friends in his foster home.


Peony is such a sweet kitty, and she is really blossoming! She is timid at first, but she quickly builds trust, even with strangers, and it's easy to really get her going and purring with petting and cheek scratches. She likes to flop back and forth and roll around on the ground, kneading the air while getting petted.


Mother is shy at first and then very friendly. She likes to be talked to and will talk back.


Bunny managed to care for herself and her kittens under harsh conditions before she came to IAR, yet she remains sweetness personified. She is very loving and affectionate, and will play gently with your hands while you pet her. Bunny didn't meet many loving people before coming to IAR, and is still shy until she is sure you will be gentle with her.


Bailey has informed her IAR friends that she is now accepting applications for a loving human companion. Bailey was not sure people were trustworthy enough for her gentle love, and kept everyone at paw's distance for a while. She wants you to know that she is still a little shy, but is very loving and affectionate.


This mild-mannered boy enjoys wrestling with his brother Spike and the female kitty in his foster home. At night, Xander begs to cuddle in bed! He will curl up as the "little spoon" with you and fall asleep. This sweetie-boy will brush up against your legs for attention but prefers not to be picked up.


Jazzy is the shy type until she feels comfortable in her new home. She is very vocal regarding her food and asking for a good brushing (her two favorite things). She loves a good brushing on a regular basis. She likes to hang out near you, and will rub against your legs or meow when she wants food.

Susie Q

Susie Q is a playful and deeply affectionate kitty. A petite girl with lovely markings, she is an adorable companion who loves tummy rubs, head butts and cuddly lap time. She is a playful kitty who loves softballs, feather wands, laser light games, bird-watching, and chasing her sister Lindy Lu.


Erwin is a confident cat with a big personality! He enjoys interactive toys and loves being the center of attention. He is independent, but can be a lap cat at times, and enjoys assisting his foster mom at the computer. Erwin is assertive in going after what he wants, and may let you know if he does not think you are paying enough attention to him.


Becca is a beautiful kitten, both inside and out. Her right eye was infected as a very young kitten, leaving scar tissue called symblepharon, which partially covers her cornea and limits vision in her right eye to light and shadows but that doesn't slow her down!

Becca is a very gentle and loving spirit and the official house greeter.


Jake is a very sweet kitty. He loves attention, chin scratches, and belly rubs. Whenever he sees me or hears my voice, he comes running to greet me, rolls on the floor and asks for a belly rub. He has beautiful, soft, plush fur, and his green eyes are gorgeous.


Have you ever thought, “I would LOVE to adopt a FABULOUS cat that loves people, other cats, and kittens.” Well, if so, then Finn is the kitty for you!! Finn loves people and plays with the small kittens and cats in his foster home.


I'm a curious and playful kitty! I love to run and jump and especially like to chase spots on the floor. You can pick me up and carry me on your shoulder, but I'd rather curl up right next to you then sit on your lap.

Lindy Lu

Lindy is a clever girl who loves to play and chase her tail & her sister Susie Q. Once Lindy knows you are her friend, she will run to greet you, flop over and roll around as you rub her tummy and scratch behind her ears.


Juno is a sweet, playful girl. She tolerates being picked up, but really prefers to explore and play with her favorite feather toy. She is very smart, adventuresome, and makes eye contact easily.

She gets along famously with her sister,


If you are looking for an interactive, talkative, funny kitty, May is your girl. She is very social - she greets her fosters with singing every morning and when they come home from their chores. May is also super curious. She loves cabinets, the shower, the refrigerator, and the basement.


Charlotte or "Charlie" for short, a bit of a diva, lets the humans know when they can pet her. A secret she does not want anyone to know: if you share your dinner with her, she will warm up to you quickly.



I'm an affectionate kitty, who will meet you at the door when you come home and ask to have my belly rubbed. I've also become a real lap cat! I'm still a kitten at heart and enjoy chasing ping-pong balls and toy mice.


Jack is a very sweet boy who enjoys sitting on your lap and getting lots of attention. He enjoys getting lots of pets and strokes along with chin and neck rubs. Jack has tolerated living with other cats and children but he will do best in a quiet home as the only cat.

Miss Pixie

Miss Pixie is a laid back girl who would love to have someone to curl up on the couch with. She loves her food and treats and might even bat at a toy or two. A relaxed home without too much noise to disrupt her naps would be best for Miss Pixie.


Nitika, aka Tika, is a very special girl who initially is reserved until she gets to know you. She enjoys getting petted, stroked, and loves it when you talk to her! She perks up when she hears your voice and will often talk back to you, getting up and stretching in hopes that you will come over to pet her.


Kona is an independent little lady, with a very sweet disposition. She likes being close by her person, but she is not likely to be a lap kitty. An undemanding companion. She particularly enjoys supervising arts and craft activities or homework, and is likely to lay on top of the thing that you most need to use next! She enjoys chasing laser toys and ribbons, and most anything that moves fast.


Faith has never met a stranger! She's curious and loves to be right in the middle of everything. She's extremely affectionate and loves to give lots of kisses. She'll also give you love nibbles sometimes too. Faith chirps more than she meows, and has carried on full conversations, chirping back and forth.


Magnolia is a low maintenance cat who will purr loudly when she rubs against your hand or legs. She loves to get her cheeks and chin scratched but is not keen on back rubs. She is extremely sweet but can be a little shy at first.


Beau is a very handsome and sweet boy! He loves his sister Bess and through no fault of their own, they found themselves returned to IAR five years after being adopted out as tiny kittens.

Beau is confused and scared as his world has been turned upside down.


Yoda is very wise for his young age but that doesn't stop him from going into playful kitten mode. He is a very active boy who loves running, playing, and chasing balls, feather wands and catnip toys with his foster friends. Yoda is wide open and doesn't miss a trick! Anything new in the house is fair game for Yoda to explore.


I love to talk to everyone who meets me! I will come to you and snuggle but I'm not crazy about being picked up and held. I'm always running around chasing little balls and playing with toys on wands.


Phantom is a big dude, all muscle and presence - but sweet as anything. He really is very striking in all white. He gets along well with other cats. He plays with his foster brothers, but does tend to be low man on the totem pole.


Madras is an extremely handsome, silky, cuddly boy who loves playing and sleeping, and will demand your love! He likes to chase the kittens around and look out the window. He will come up to you to curl up in your lap as you are watching TV, and he loves chasing the laser pointer dot.


Little Miss Tinkerdoodle is a sweetheart - snuggly, soft, affectionate, and constantly purring so deeply that her whole body vibrates. It's hard to believe she was found as a stray and didn't start off in a loving home. She is the happiest little girl - sweet, playful, and always ready for a cuddle.

Callie Mae

Callie Mae loves to talk, especially at dinner time. She's a little shy but warms up quickly, especially when there are treats involved.


Cinabun is so cute and loves to play with both cats and dogs. He is a little shy with humans but loves to be pet and have his belly scratched. Cinabun would love to be part of a caring family!


Jace is a sweet little boy that loves to play with his "sister" Clary. He is a curious and busy guy, as most kittens his age are. He likes to investigate new things including trying to figure out who that kitten in the mirror is.


Anise was found dodging cars in a grocery store parking lot. After she was rescued, she quickly warmed up to the idea of regular meals and human companionship and has proved herself to be quite a charmer. An independent lady, once she gets to know you she is quite the attention hog, announcing her desires with not meows, but adorable chirps.


Jasmine is a beautiful, laid back kitty with a big personality. She loves to be petted and will talk until you give her the attention she deserves! Jasmine is quite the Southern belle that constantly purrs. She likes to be brushed and is a sweet and loving kitty that is very affectionate.


Tygarian is a real beauty with very pale orange patches. He loves to sleep with his foster Mom and tummy rubs are his Kryptonite. He loves other kitties and tolerates the dogs in the house. He is a bit shy, but if you are patient you will earn his trust...oh,


Chester can be a bit shy at first with new people and cats. However, once he's comfortable, he can often been found looking out the window chirping at the squirrels and birds or curled up on the couch with his foster sibling,


Posey is a shy but very gentle lady who enjoys her space, but when she wants love, she will let you know with a kitty chorus. She loves to curl up and sleep on her blankets in the corner. Her favorite place to lounge is on the screened porch so she can safely enjoy the view of the outdoors or on the bed while you lay down.


Everybody loves sweet Buddha! He is a lover, a charmer and tiny enough to snuggle in your hand if you let him. He is tiny but mighty with all of his adorable sweetness and affection. He loves his people, follows them around and loves to cuddle right up against you.