Black Cat Friday

Join us at a special adoption event featuring our black cats on Black (Cat) Friday.
November 25th, 2016
South Square Petco

Can't make it to the event? Meet our Black Cats online:


Anise is a young kitty who was found, dodging cars, in a grocery store parking lot. After she was rescued, she quickly warmed up to the idea of regular meals and human companionship and has proved herself quite a charmer. An independent lady, that once she gets to know you she is quite the attention hog, announcing her desires with not meows, but adorable chirps.

Valentino Nero

Valentino Nero, along with his brothers Bakari, Bobal and his sister Picolito do not yet know the meaning of the phrase "slow down". They just want to romp and have fun with each other until you walk into the room. Then all they want to do is romp and have fun cuddles and kisses with you!

Lucky Luke

Luke is shy at first but once he warms up to you he is such a love bug! Luke is certainly lucky to find himself in the IAR program as he was found in an abandoned house with no one to feed or care for them.


Bellatrix is a spunky little kitten who quite enjoys the inside life. She spends her days playing and exploring with her foster brothers and sisters of the feline and human variety. She spends her nights snuggled in next with her foster mom.


Orion is an adorable little boy who loves to explore and snuggle and purr and play with his brother Altair. His first foster family said if he was in the world of Harry Potter he would be a brace Gryffindor. He's always on the move so it's hard to get a photo that isn't blurry.


LeLee is inspired by Leila Ali. When she approaches something she is unsure about, she boxes it. She has a sweet purr and is learning about the world. Playing with her brother Charlie Chaplin is a fun day!


Pepper is a very active kitten who loves his toys and is most apt to follow me around the house. He is a little more reserved than his siblings. He loves attention and will readily purr when petted. This handsome guy would love to be adopted with one of his siblings or another similarly aged kitten


Saffie is an extremely playful girl who loves to get her energy out by chasing her friends or a mouse toy. She loves to be petted as long as it doesn't stop her from playing! She likes to curl up in the sleeping basket to soak up some sun or cuddle with her siblings.


West is a loving, little kitten. She chases her brother and sisters around the house. She will beg to be picked up and held. She wants to be in her foster mother's lap as much as possible.


Sunita loves people! When you come home she will quickly find you, and is happiest if you then scoop her up and cuddle her in your arms giving scratches. She enjoys spending her time snuggled up or wrestling with her brother Gabe.

Susie Q

Susie Q is a playful and deeply affectionate kitty. A petite girl with lovely markings, she is an adorable companion who loves tummy rubs, head butts and cuddly lap time. She is a playful kitty who loves softballs, feather wands, laser light games, bird-watching, and chasing her sister Lindy Lu.


This curious bundle of energy is just the kitten you're looking for! She will greet you at the door, with much excitement, ready to play. She is often found pouncing on her toy mouse or chasing and tumbling with her siblings. Neptune loves snuggling up to you in bed at night but during the day prefers to sleep together in a pile with her brother and sister Jupiter and Pluto.


Rain and Winter are two sibling kittens, born outside and brought into safety with IAR several weeks ago. They were born approximately 7/10/17. Rain and Winter are a bonded pair and should be adopted together. They wrestle and chase each other and play all day until it’s time for a short nap together and then they cuddle up! They love to chase fuzzy mice toys.


Ready to capture your heart with one look from her expressive eyes, Ursula will soon snuggle her way onto your lap. She will go "boneless" and sprawl out, legs splayed, when she's getting attention. You may feel her little gorilla nose snoofing around your ankle or wrist, she is the sweetest black bear of a kitten.


Raven is a treasure! She will take her time getting to know a person, but will become your best friend if you let her. She is a quiet, undemanding cat who would enjoy a quiet lifestyle. She would enjoy having a cat friend, but children may be too rambunctious for her.


I’m the littlest of three sisters. I’m curious, playful and athletic, and I’ve never met a cat toy I don’t like! I’m partial to “cat-dancers” and other toys with feathers. I’m an awesome ping-pong ball “soccer player!” I may be small, but I’m spunky! I would love to be adopted with one of my sisters or my mom!


She is one big ball of fluff! Mochi is a little shy at first, but once she opens up, she is the biggest sweetheart. She loves to lay on your legs and lean into your pets and purr. She is the softest kitty! In her down time, she enjoys looking out windows, lazing around on a sunny spot, or finding the closest backpack or bag to sit on.


This little fellow is so cute! His purr can be heard around the corner. He is so lovable and a little bit of a trouble maker. He will play with a rock literally. He is current in a foster home with cats and dogs and loves them ALL.

Charlie Chaplin (Charlie)

Charlie enjoys playing with his toys and naps at the top of his climbing post in the home cubbie. Charlie also plays with his siblings, LeLee.


Scruff is a kitten in constant motion. She loves playing with any kind of toy and loves to wrestle with her siblings. On occasions when I can pick her up, she will slow down and give a very loud purr.


Miggy is always a whirl of motion and ready to play. Raised with her two bigger brothers and dog Aunties Jill and Lucy, she's still often the instigator of playtime. Loves to leap on tails - cat or canine. Miggy loves to sleep with people /other animals or especially her favorite brother Thal.


Brenna is slightly more cautious than her litter mates, taking her time to assess the situation before diving head first. However she is equally as sweet and loving and extremely playful. She'll curl right up in your lap to get pet and purr to her hearts content.


Sal is a sweetheart who starts purring when her foster mom walks through the door. She was found living outside with her sister Pimienta at 6 weeks of age. She loves to roll around on her foster mom's lap while being petted, purring away.


Charles is a major cuddle kitty! He loves affection and is very good at returning it. Charles is a homebody who would enjoy spending time with you. He would like to be adopted with his sibling Sara. They make a very sweet pair.


I’m the biggest of three sisters. If you have a windowsill, I’ll sit and watch the world go by for hours. Did I hear kitty treats? I’ll come running and be your best friend! I love to wrestle with my sisters, but am also happy being petted – which you’ll want to do because my fur is super soft! I would love to be adopted with one of my sisters or my mom.rnrn


Gabe is such a sweet kitten! He will cuddle up for pets and stay in your lap forever. At night, he wants to curl up next to you and snuggle. Just seeing you, he'll start to purr because he's so happy to see you!

Gabe also has a playful streak and loves to wrestle with his sister Sunita.


If you are looking for an interactive, talkative, funny kitty, May is your girl. She is very social - she greets her fosters with singing every morning and when they come home from their chores. May is also super curious. She loves cabinets, the shower, the refrigerator, and the basement.


East is rambunctious! He loves to explore with his sisters. He is also huge snuggler and he is a purr box. East, would love to be adopted with one of his sisters! South, West, North, and Spirit!


Thal is a curious, friendly and talkative young kitten. He loves exploring and was the first of his siblings to hang out away from mom. Dog friendly -he's been raised by his mom and his two doggie Aunties. Thal is a natural gymnastic star and would win all the kitty wrestling matches if not for his agile little sister, Miggy.


Sara's favorite thing to do is to give you plenty of rubs and kisses while you pet her. She is very affectionate. Sara likes to play with her foster siblings and is quite ferocious with her toys. She would love to be adopted with her sibling Charles.

Miss Pixie

Miss Pixie is a laid back girl who would love to have someone to curl up on the couch with. She loves her food and treats and might even bat at a toy or two. A relaxed home without too much noise to disrupt her naps would be best for Miss Pixie.


Leo is a purring machine. He loves to play with his brothers. He also loves to hide around the corner waiting to pounce on the next dog or cat coming around the corner. He loves to hang in the office with his foster and attacks the printer when it spits out paper.


This inquisitive kitten is such a sweetheart! She loves cuddling with her brother, Binx, more than anything. They will need to be adopted together, as they have been bonded since birth. She goes wild for catnip and enjoys playing soccer with her toys and treats.


Penelope is absolutely gorgeous with black fur tinged with mahogany coloring. If eyes are the window to the soul, then Penelope's piercing green eyes tell a story of both beauty and a mother's love. Penelope loves attention and is a total sweetheart once you get past her initial shyness.


David is bold and curious. He has a strong sense of adventure and loves to explore. He is incredibly sweet and is always the first of his litter mates to greet us. He loves to cuddle and starts purring before we even start to pet him! He would love a forever home where he can create a strong bond with his family and get showered with affection.


Baily has a very quiet nature and is very sweet. She enjoys attention, and is quick to show her affection.


Yoda is very wise for his young age but that doesn't stop him from going into playful kitten mode. He is a very active boy who loves running, playing, and chasing balls, feather wands and catnip toys with his foster friends. Yoda is wide open and doesn't miss a trick! Anything new in the house is fair game for Yoda to explore.


Jake is a very sweet and confident little cat. When he first came he was a little shy but not anymore. He gets along with cats and even likes the dog. His favorite thing is to jump in my lap, rollover on his back and squirm around while I pet him.


I’m the middle sister of three. I love to carry my toy “snake” around in my mouth – and watch my sisters chase after me! I sit and nap in all kinds of containers, and once fell asleep in a wicker trash basket.


Charlie is an energetic and playful little female kitten. She is extremely affectionate and loves to sleep on your lap. Before she came to us she sustained an injury so she does not use one of her front legs but it doesn't seem to slow her down in the least and it causes her no pain.


Muscadine is an active young cat who enjoys playtime, boxes, and keeping watch over the neighborhood from her favorite window. At night, she settles in alongside her humans or in her cat tower and stays politely quiet until morning. She raised her four kittens and now it's time for her to receive the same loving care that she gave her little ones.


Named in honor of the Russian collusion scandal, I am quite the diva! If energy and mischief are what you like then I am definitely the girl for you! Whether jumping out from under the dust ruffle at your feet as you pass by or amusing myself with the window blind pulls, there is never a dull moment with me! They say 'girls just wanna have fun' and that is my motto! I have become rather attached to my foster brother, Woodson, so if you are looking for a pair, might I suggest that you adopt him, too? He's very handsome and


Erwin is a confident cat with a big personality! He enjoys interactive toys and loves being the center of attention. He is independent, but can be a lap cat at times, and enjoys assisting his foster mom at the computer. Erwin is assertive in going after what he wants, and may let you know if he does not think you are paying enough attention to him.

Lindy Lu

Lindy is a clever girl who loves to play and chase her tail & her sister Susie Q. Once Lindy knows you are her friend, she will run to greet you, flop over and roll around as you rub her tummy and scratch behind her ears.


Blossom is a sweet and loving little girl. She will gently play with any cat she meets and will occupy herself for hours with her toys. Blossom's favorite thing is to share attention and affection with you - giving lots of purrs!


Hi! My name is Squeak. My foster family named me due to the sweet squeak meow that I make when I want their attention. I am a laid back little fellow who loves to play, explore and purr. In fact, my purr is so loud that my foster dad suggested I should be named Evinrude, after the boat motor.


I am a loving young cat, who will meet you at the door when you come home and ask to have my belly rubbed. I'm still a kitten at heart and enjoy chasing ping-pong balls and toy mice. When I'm sleepy, I'll curl up next you and put my head in your lap, hoping for some scratching under my chin.


Josh is a confident and independent kitten. He sits back and carefully observes the shenanigans of his litter mates. He is always the last kitten to come to us for attention, but he is very appreciative of a snuggle. He will curl up in your lap if you're available, but he will sit back, relax or entertain himself if necessary.


Lewis is the life of the party. He is not afraid of anything. He joined in with the foster's 3 adult cats and has them totally in control now.rnHe loves Fritz, a 13 year old tabby, When we call Uncle Fritz here comes Lewis.

Emmanuelle Mimieux

Mademoiselle Emmanuelle is Penelope's daughter and she is extremely adorable. While she is quite independent, she loves to play and explore. She cuddles closely when you pick her up. Emmanuelle Mimieux is already litterbox trained! She is looking for a loving furrever home to grow up in!


Erin is a big ball of energy crammed into a tiny package. When she's not busy tussling with her brother and favorite playmate, Murphy, Erin can be found climbing every cat tree she can find or hunting for the next teaser toy to attack.