5 Months Old • 11 lb • Female

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Physical Description: Harlow is an adorable beagle mix puppy with floppy ears and an ever-wagging tail.

Personality: Harlow is a sweet, playful, high energy puppy. She is very snuggly. If you stand still for a moment, she will come curl up on your feet. If you sit down, she will jump in your lap! Harlow loves to chase squeaky toys, run and play with the other dog in her foster home, and go on walks. She is a very intelligent puppy and quickly picked up on skills like Sit, Wait, and "Watch me," and is making excellent progress with housetraining.

History: Harlow and her six siblings--including Garbo, Valentino, Cagney, Bogart, and Franklin--were discovered at a rural shelter by two of our fosters, who simply couldn’t leave them behind!

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Young Kids: Yes

Good with Older Kids: Yes

Health Information: Harlow is a healthy puppy who is microchipped, going through her puppy vaccinations, and will be spayed when she is old enough.

IAR Sponsored Training: IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall (www.cheerydogs.com) to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.

IAR ID#: D-17-112