13 week old • Male • Domestic Shorthair

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Physical Description: Brown and tan tabby with circles on each side of his belly and gorgeous tiger-stripes

Personality: Pete is a beautiful tabby who will give you head-butts to ask for really good head scratching, and will sit as close as possible to you just to be near you. He is the most inquisitive of his litter and can take a little longer to accept something new, but that just makes his head-butts even more special, as they are well-earned. After Pete is finished batting around toy mice, he likes to cozy up with his siblings, and wishes to be adopted with one of his siblings (Pip, Ursula, Luna, Newt, or Zippy).

History: Pete was found with his mother at around 7 weeks old with his five siblings. He has been making great progress to become a house cat ever since! These kittens have come a long way since being found living in a shrubbery with their feral mama.

Likes Dogs: Unknown

Likes Cats: Yes

Likes Kids: Unknown

IAR Kitten Policy - Kittens are cats that are 6 months of age and younger. Kittens must be adopted with another kitten or into a household with a young cat (general guideline of 2 years or younger but on a case by case basis).

IAR ID#: C-17-370