5 month old • Female • Domestic Shorthair
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Physical Description: Pretty calico kitten with bright eyes. A very petite, chunky little baby with the perfect build for cuddling.

Personality: Jewel is a gentle and friendly kitten who loves to be cuddled and gets along well with her siblings and other kitties. She is extremely soft and luscious with a temperament to match. Jewel loves people and cats of all ages and wants to explore everything. Jewel absolutely loves helping out around the house!rnShe helps use the printer, likes to help type up paperwork, oversees feeding time, and makes sure the dog gets the maximum amount of kisses and cuddles every night.

History: Was previously a stray kitty.

Likes Dogs: Yes

Likes Cats: Yes

Likes Kids: Yes

IAR Kitten Policy - Kittens are cats that are 6 months of age and younger. Kittens must be adopted with another kitten or into a household with a young cat (general guideline of 2 years or younger but on a case by case basis).

IAR ID#: C-17-249