Lindy Lu

2 year old • Female • Domestic Shorthair

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Physical Description: Lindy is a lovely, compact cat with luminous eyes and soft black and white fur with distinctive markings

Personality: Lindy is a clever girl who loves to play and chase her tail & her sister Susie Q. Once Lindy knows you are her friend, she will run to greet you, flop over and roll around as you rub her tummy and scratch behind her ears. She loves curling up in a warm, safe lap where she "makes biscuits" and settles down into a restful purring slumber. She and her littermate, Susie Q, are two years old and are looking for a family to return their love and affectionate company. They are a bonded pair who love nothing more than to share a good romp around the house and a caring grooming session. Given their close bond Lindy and Susie need to be adopted together. They have lived with multiple cats and small to mid-sized dogs so they are used to sharing their space. One of Lindy's favorite past times is watching the birds land on our back deck or spy a lizard sunning himself on our front steps. Lindy & Susie's charming, playful personalities are sure to melt your heart.

History: Lindy was rescued, along with her littermates and a second litter of kitties, by a kind woman, who then gave them a loving home. Lindy was entrusted to us when her elderly owner had to change her housing situation.

Likes Dogs: Yes

Likes Cats: Yes

Likes Kids: Yes

IAR ID#: C-17-097