Rudolph (Rudy)

1 year old • Male • Domestic Shorthair

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Physical Description: Rudolph the red-nosed kitty (Rudy for short) was named after the famous reindeer because of his endearing pink nose. He has unique markings on his brown/gray fur, complemented by a white belly and mittens. Rudy also sports a clipped ear. Click here to see more pictures!

Personality: Rudy is such a charmer! He can be a tad shy when meeting new people but warms up very quickly. Who knew such a loud purr could come from such a small body? He loves being around his humans, jumping in and out of laps for attention. He can be found lounging on the bed or on his cat tower, watching the world go by through the window. Rudy formed an instant friendship with his foster brother and he would prefer to go to a home where he can spend time wrestling, cuddling, and licking another playful cat or kitten. See the video below for evidence!

History: Rudy was originally found outside. We trapped him to get him neutered and realized that he had a cold. Because of this, we kept him a bit longer to give him medicine. One day when his foster mom opened his cage for his daily dose, he ran out, curled up in her lap, and began purring. At that moment we knew he deserved a great home!

Likes Dogs: Unknown

Likes Cats: Yes

Likes Kids: Yes

Special Needs: Removed temporarily from web 3/08 for medical reasons

IAR ID#: C-16-374