1 year old • Male • Domestic Shorthair

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Physical Description: Yoda is a handsome, sleek like a panther male cat with large, golden eyes.

Personality: Yoda is very wise for his young age but that doesn't stop him from going into playful kitten mode. He is a very active boy who loves running, playing, and chasing balls, feather wands and catnip toys with his foster friends. Yoda is wide open and doesn't miss a trick! Anything new in the house is fair game for Yoda to explore. Visitors are happily greeted and checked out.

When Yoda isn't playing you can find him cuddling with his foster friends or napping in his favorite cat tree by the window. When you sit down to watch TV or read, rest assured that Yoda will eagerly jump up to curl up with you for the duration. Yoda is extremely friendly, outgoing and quite active and will do best in a household with a companion cat to play and cuddle with.

History: Yoda was rescued from an unsafe environment near a busy road.

Likes Dogs: Unknown

Likes Cats: Yes

Likes Kids: Unknown

IAR ID#: C-16-109