10 Year Old • 70 lb • Male
Needs a home without young kids (<6).

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Physical Description: Elon is a handsome senior boy, with characteristic Rottweiler coloring and a mature physique.

Personality: Loving, gentle, and affectionate, Elon is an older deaf gentleman seeking a comfortable and caring home to live out the rest of his days. His previous life was not the best, and getting the proper medical treatment and food that he lacked are making all the difference. Elon is discovering the nicer things in life. His favorite pastimes include trying to dismantle his stuffed toys, playing with his ball, and noshing on rawhides and dental chews. He enjoys relaxing and observing on the back porch and deck, preferably in the company of his people and/or foster siblings. Elon has impeccable house manners, and is a sensitive soul brimming with love and gratitude to give his new family.

History: Elon came into a small, rural shelter as a stray.

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Unknown

Good with Young Kids: No

Good with Older Kids: Yes

Health Information: Elon's vaccinations are up-to-date, and he has been microchipped and neutered. He tested positive for heartworms and is receiving the gentle protocol that gradually clears the infection without the need for excessive confinement, which is expected to cure him by February 2018. Elon has had several benign masses successfully removed, and takes Rimadyl and supplements for arthritis. He has adapted well to his deafness, which may have been hereditary or caused by an infection that had not been treated.

IAR Sponsored Training: IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall (www.cheerydogs.com) to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.

IAR ID#: D-17-041