13 year old • Female • Russian Blue
Needs a home without cats or small children.

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Physical Description: Lovely Russian Blue Elder with a grey coat offset by striking green eyes. Koshka sometimes wears the face of the fun loving Grumpy Cat.

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Personality: Koshka, Russian for cat, is a Russian Blue who enjoys the simpler things in life. She loves cuddling and toy playtime, but also enjoys a fair share of peaceful sleep on a quilt whenever available. Mild mannered, peaceful, and such a cutie, she would make an wonderful addition to a household family without children or other pets. She can be jealous of attention and wants you to only focus on her!

She is quiet except for when you are talking to her, and she is quite the lap warmer. Even though her face reads slightly grumpy cat, she is happy and quite affectionate when asked for, but hands off when desired as well. A calm environment with established routines would suit her best and a nice big window would be an added plus!

History: Koshka came from a home that experienced major changes. This was too much stress for her to handle. She is now happy and relaxed in her foster home.

Likes Dogs: Unknown

Likes Cats: No

Likes Kids: No

IAR ID#: C-15-293R