9 year old • Male • Domestic Shorthair
Needs a home without dogs or cats.

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Physical Description: Hughes is a large orange and white cat with beautiful markings, extremely soft fur and expressive eyes.

Personality: Hughes is a very friendly and low maintenance cat who loves to play with flying toys and be around his owner. Hughes prefers to view the world from upside down, as his favorite relaxing position is on his back. Hughes will roll over and stretch, waiting for a belly rub and stretching his arms out so you don't miss under his arms. He is a very quirky cat that loves to make eye contact and snuggle on top of you when it's resting time. He has a game where he hides under a blanket and peeks out to see what is going on in the world. He thinks that as long as his head is covered he is invisible. Hughes is a delightful companion and will be great in a household where he is the king.

History: A heart condition, which is well managed by a twice-daily pill. No adverse affects on life span or daily life.

Likes Dogs: No

Likes Cats: No

Likes Kids: No

IAR ID#: C-08-210R